EMBO-IndiaBioscience Young Scientist Networking Meeting


The Young Scientists Networking Meeting was conducted between November 7-10, 2013 in Bangalore, in partnership with EMBO. The aim of the event was to promote interactions of Indian Young Investigators with their highly talented counterparts in Europe from EMBO’s Young Investigator Program.
The key goals of this meeting were to help these investigators seek out collaborations, plan recruitment of PhD’s and postdocs, exchange technologies and personnel. It also allowed Indian scientists to learn how their European counterparts manage their labs and deal with the financial and administrative issues of their respective institutes. The directors of some of the Indian institutes were invited to discuss the significance of nurturing and providing resources that could potentially change the scientific landscape of India. A small group of Indian PhD students were also invited to this meeting to help them understand the significance of research and how independent young investigators meet their goals in highly competitive areas of science and technology. The seminars by the young investigators showcased the level of their achievements in their respective fields. There was ample time for informal discussions. An abstract book was produced, which can be found here:

Dr. Vivek Malhotra, CRG, Spain
Dr. Gerlind Wallon, EMBO
Dr. Swetha Suresh, IndiaBioScience
Dr. Nandini Rajamani Robin, IndiaBioScience

Dr. K. Vijayraghavan
Dr. Satyajit Mayor

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