Life Sciences Opportunities in India: A special session at FEBS EMBO 2014

FEBS EMBO 2014The special session will bring together a panel of resource persons talking about funding opportunities, the collaborative research environment, infrastructure in Indian universities, collegiality, types of institutions, and finding an academic job in India. The session is specifically aimed at Indians and others in Europe who are looking to establish research careers or collaborations in India. We offer travel awards (India Session Travel Awards) specifically to young Indians who wish to attend the session and conference. For more details, see the Travel Awards section.

Understanding antenna control in-flight: a Hawk Moth story

Daphnis nerii [Image credit: Wiki Commons]Scientists at NCBS, Bangalore explicate how hawk moths (D. nerii) use mechanical and visual feedback to control the position of their antennae while in flight. The work makes progress in neuroethology, by advancing our knowledge of insect control systems. Arnab Chakraborty tells us more...

The Chorusing Crickets of Kudremukh

Crickets Composite :wiki commons:Male crickets court their females through song. But in the wild, several species of crickets call together in a cacophonic chorus. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science used a series of experiments that combined rigorous fieldwork and elaborate modeling to find out how the male’s song reaches its mate through the apparent din. Karthik Ramaswamy reports...